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Faster than the actual illness, across the world there is concern spreading due to the recent pandemic of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In these dark and unsettling times, our worldwide Arthur Murray family are reminded that though things seem grim, dance is always our source of joy and inspiration; the light at the end of the tunnel.  These times will pass, but while we are in the thick of it we need to keep our focus on the positives.

Chris Lynam, one of the franchisees of Arthur Murray studios in California, said this about our Arthur Murray family:

“We may not be able to control the darkness and gloom of the world around us, but we have complete control over how we respond to it.

While our dance studios may experience many changes, transitions, and pivots in this process, the heart behind what we do is steadfast, undeterred, and will continue to be a lighthouse of positivity”.

Read his complete blog about how Arthur Murray keeps its light on HERE.

While we will keep our extended family as safe as possible by following the appropriate guidelines given by the CDC, we will continue to do what we do best…dance! We know how much joy brings you, as it does us, and we all need joy in our lives especially in times of stress and change. So we will keep spreading the joys of dance, even if we must do it in our living rooms at home!

Please stay in touch with us here and on Facebook and other social media avenues as we provide more information on any changes going on in the studio and also fun things we can do as a big happy dance family without even leaving the house!

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